Where Colgate Is Headed

President Brian W. Casey with Emrys and students on campus


At 200 years, Colgate is deeply proud of who it is.

And it is ever driven to be even more — the finest undergraduate institution in America and one of the premier universities in the world. That vision is happening. It is built on a dynamic culture of intellectual rigor. This school is for extraordinary students whose minds are alive with possibility. It is for faculty who transform lives as they teach. It is for those who want a global perspective as they shape their own. This is a school of first choice for students who expect rigorous classes, brilliant faculty, a campus of enduring beauty, and an assurance they will learn to thrive in work and in life. This is Colgate.

Colgate’s Future Begins With You

If you see yourself in these words and images — in the rigor, creativity, energy, and beauty of Colgate — we want to meet you. “Take the next step,” and connect with our staff. We can answer your questions and even arrange for you to speak with current students about their experiences on this remarkable campus. Colgate’s future begins with you, and there’s no time like the present.

This is Colgate Success

At Colgate, students learn how to thrive in work and life. After graduating, Colgate alumni spend a lifetime continuing to grow, lead, and prosper in a wide array of careers and pursuits.

Take a few minutes to learn more about the success that lies in store for Colgate graduates following their years of study on the hill.

Your Future Begins With Colgate

Join like-minded and ambitious peers as you find your calling. Join Colgate’s next class.